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Since 2010, EZ Pools is your pool service, repair, and remodeling contractor for Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

At EZ Pools, we specialize in bringing your ideal pool to life. Our team of experts dedicates themselves to providing top-notch pool service. From cleaning and maintenance to remodeling and pool repair, we are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Trust us to keep your pool perfect all year round.

Dive into Crystal-Clear Waters Every Day with Our Pool Cleaning Service

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Pool Cleaning

  • Weekly Pool Cleaning Service: Keep your pool pristine with a weekly cleaning. Our service includes skimming, vacuuming (as needed), brushing, and balancing chemicals.
  • One-Time Pool Cleaning: Our one-time cleaning service is perfect for special occasions or getting your pool ready for the season.
  • Green Pool Cleaning: Turn your green pool crystal clear with our algae treatment and cleaning services.
  • Plaster, Acid Wash, and Chlorine Wash: Our specialized cleaning treatments revitalize your pool’s appearance, removing stains, algae, and build-up.
  • Pool Draining: Safely drain and refill your pool with our professional draining services.
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Pool Repair

  • Pool Filter Repair: Ensure your pool water stays clean with our filter repair services.
  • Pool Heater Repair: Keep your pool comfortable year-round with our heater repair services.
  • Pool Pump Repair: Keep your pool water circulating properly with our pump repair services.
  • Pool Equipment Repair: We can fix all types of pool equipment to keep your pool running smoothly.
  • Pool Leak Repair: Fix leaks to prevent water loss and damage to your pool.
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Pool Remodel

Transform your pool with our remodeling services. We can help you make your dream pool a reality. Let us help you update your pool’s appearance, add new features, or improve its efficiency with new equipment. Let us assist you in creating the perfect pool for your needs and desires.

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Pool Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial for a healthy pool. Our preventative maintenance service ensures your pool in top condition.

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All pool service customers receive a snapshot report via hyperlink or email after our service. Your personalized report provides:

  • Dosages, Readings, and Completed Checklist Items
  • Pool Pro Tech Name and Picture
  • Photo of Your Clean, Happy, and Healthy Pool

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